How To Reset Pinterest Password

Reset Pinterest Password

It often happens that we are so busy that we tend to forget the password. So if you need to reset your password for security or other reasons, check out how to reset it.

How do you reset your password?

Step 2: Now search by email, name or username to find your account.

Step 3: Then click this is me next to your account.

Step 4: Check your email address associated with the account for a password reset email.

Step 5: Click Reset Password in the email.

Step 6: After that, enter a new password twice.

Step 7: Then click Change Password.


How do I change my password?

If you are logged in to Pinterest, change your password in your settings.

Step 1: Click on your profile at the top of Pinterest to open the menu.

Step 2: Tap Edit Settings.

Step 3: Then go to the account settings.

Step 4: Select "Change Password".

Step 5: Now enter your old password and your new password twice.

Step 6: Tap Change Password.

Step 7: Finally, click Done.

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