Insomnia: How to Rewire Your Brain for Sleep

Create a routine to help you relax

Anxiety increases when you go to bed because you expect to stay awake. After all, that’s what usually happens. So, as stress keeps you alert when you want to sleep, you don’t want to stimulate angst.

Follow a routine to teach your mind and body to relax when bedtime’s close rather than increase stress and endure insomnia. Carrying out similar habits each night will put you in the mood to shut down your busy mind and rest.

Your routine might include using calming lavender essential oil in a hot bath an hour before bed and then settling down to read. Or, you might prefer to listen to soothing music, write in a journal, or do something else relaxing before turning in for the night.

Reduce expectations

If you expect to encounter insomnia, your anxiety will grow. People who find it hard to sleep often tell themselves they must fall asleep instantly when they go to bed, imagining they can force the issue. But doing so creates resistance and strain.

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