The Pug Is Present: Canine 'Performance Art'

Can the world's latest art star be man's best friend? This summer, a nine-and-a-half year old dog by the name of 'Marina Abramopug' has taken to Hyde Park to engage audiences with her performance art piece "Marina Abramopug: The Artist Is Present". During the event, just outside London's reputable Serpentine Gallery, guests can come up to sit on a stool and gaze into the dog's eyes for several minutes of undisturbed eye contact. In an interview with the Hyperallergenic art forum, Abramopug's personal assistant (and owner) Hannah Ballou had this to say: “I think Marina was at a point in her career where she really needed to be present with her public. And she’s so in tune with nature, so being in the park outside the Serpentine Gallery was perfect. (Plus we were not invited inside.)” This 'exhibit' is an homage to veteran performance artist Marina Abramović's 2010 MoMA exhibit "The Artist Is Present", where museum guests could individually sit with the artist in a similar fashion. (Abramović considered that silent exchange to be the 'art' of the event.)

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