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As with the last two decades, the demand for study abroad consultants has grown enormously. Students were applying to foreign universities in the 1990s too, but at a much smaller number than in 2020. Investing so much for higher education wasn't feasible for many and competition for top education institutions in India was low at time, so students typically chose to study at their country.

As awareness of the great opportunities for global career advancement arising from an overseas education spread quickly, this has become the top priority even for the majority of higher middle-class families in India. But identifying a country, course, university, applying to universities, and getting visas is not an easy task, which is where Study Abroad Consultants play a key role.

Education Consultants Jobs

They play a pivotal role in guiding the students for:They play a pivotal role in guiding the students for:

1. Deciding the study destination as per their budget

2. Picking universities and courses as per their eligibility

3. Understanding the application process

4. Applying to the universities

5. Getting the offer letters

6. Getting Overseas Education Loans

7. Applying for Visas

Some consultants also provide value added services like Some consultants also provide value added services like

1. Accommodation Assistance

2. Forex

3. Travel Insurance

4. International Sim Card

and a lot more. Most consultant also provide free online counselling for Study Abroad. So, students can connect to them from any part of the country to understand the process.

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