Time to Use the Pool Skimmer by Intex

Think of a pool skimmer in a residential swimming pool like you would a gutter in a larger public pool: It helps to clean by skimming water and capturing floating debris such as leaves, flower petals, dirt, twigs, dead insects, and oil (sunblock) while it's still on the surface of the water.

Having an above-ground pool just right at the doorstep of home is a blessing, especially during Summer. Everyone loves a good splash and enjoy a cool relief from the heat.

My children loves swimming and playing in the pool. And as such, water hygiene is very important so as to prevent any possible health risk and contamination from water that is less than the ideal clean.

skimmer Intex

How does Intex pool skimmer work?

Pool skimmers clean the surface of the water. They connect to the filter and pump (or pool vacuum) and create movement in the water by using suction. Water then moves through the net or strainer. As a result, floating debris is collected and eventually removed.

Features | Intex Skimmer (Wall Mount)

- Help catch leaves and debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool with the Intex Pool Skimmer.

- The skimmer easily mounts to Easy Set or metal frame pool sidewalls with an adjustable bracket and attaches to the filter pump for automatic skimming.

- The Durable polypropylene plastic is not affected by pool chemicals and the strainer basket pulls out for easy cleaning.

- This is important to note that it requires an Intex filter pump with a minimum flow rate of 800 gph (3,028 L/hr) to work.

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