Five Trends in Web Design That Will Emerge in 2022

We are seeing businesses use less color in 2022 as a result of all the drama, anxiety, and terror that characterized 2021.

The population as a whole, businesses, and customers all had to make changes. and might even be required to make more as we get ready for the new normal, whatever that new normal will entail. The same rules apply to web designers. if you looking for

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While certain design trends are more or less timeless, others may alter over time. If they do alter at all, it happens gradually, although additional ones might appear out of nowhere.

The five new design trends listed below for 2021 shouldn't pose any difficulties for site designers. These ideas are not outlandish or bizarre.

They are reasonable, simple to execute, and even obliquely imply that the new normal could be preferable to the previous one.

Along with a few pre-built BeTheme websites that are also embracing these new trends, we'll show you examples of websites that already use some of these new features.

Use soothing and reassuring color palettes

Recent design trends have placed a focus on strong, vibrant color palettes as well as a range of gradient schemes to grab a visitor's attention.

We are more than ready to switch to quieter times, as well as softer and more subdued color palettes, since we are weary of the tension, strain, and yelling that are connected with 2020's "normal."

The website for the Bellroy company is a great illustration of a more subdued appearance. In fact, the leather in its collection of useful everyday items practically smells like leather.

Take note of how the brightly colored object is affected by the background's drab tint. The item still catches your eye, as it should, but it doesn't scream for it.

Another illustration of how to communicate a message that is uplifting, calming, and, most importantly, doesn't shout to be heard is the color scheme of the pre-built BeSpa website.

Effortlessly blend physical and digital imagery

In 2020, many people, including a significant number of new remote employees, were confined to their homes with little to do but stare at screens. Their physical life and the digital world were deeply integrated as a result.

Some web designers started fusing graphics and special effects with real-world photos in response to this change in the environment, as seen on the website of fashion designer Constance Burke.

Note the blending of real models with hand-drawn sketches of real products.


Create friendly and more efficient online shopping experiences

Online shopping experienced a rise in 2020, and this trend is anticipated to continue and pick up more speed going forward. Ecommerce websites must offer users clear and effective conversion routes because more people than ever are making purchases online.

Customers that are in a physical store have a clear idea of what they want to enter and exit as soon as feasible. Even if they are merely searching or unsure of what they want, they still want advice or recommendations to make comparisons or decisions.

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Everything a prospective buyer needs to know is up front, and other useful information such as special offers, discounts, and customer ratings are above the fold. In the event a purchase is to be made, the next steps are clearly presented.

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