Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety – SITXFSA001

To avoid foodborne disease, proper personal hygiene practices need a combination of performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge. Identifying and controlling food dangers is an essential part of the job, as is the capability of following established processes.

Any organization with a kitchen or bar area, whether permanent or temporary, is eligible for hygienic practices for food safety.

In addition to restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and other eating establishments, this category also covers travel agencies and tour operators, caterers for special events and conferences, schools, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, and military establishments.

Food handlers who often deal with flatware, plates, and bowls that come into contact with food are subject to this standard. All the kitchen employees, from cooks and chefs to bartenders and waiters, as well as front-of-house workers, are included in this category.

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Consult with the food safety authorities in your state or territory to establish any accreditation require

ments for courses, trainers, and assessors.

Learning Outcomes of SITFXSA001

Keep food safe by adhering to proper hygiene standards and identifying potential food dangers

Adhere to the hygienic guidelines established by your company.

Immediately report any dangerous behaviours that violate hygiene standards.

Identify food dangers that might harm customers, co-workers, or even yourself.

The hygiene hazard should be removed or minimized, and a report should be made as needed for follow-up.

Report any problems with your health

Personal health conditions that might pose a hygiene hazard should be reported.

Contamination of food as a consequence of personal health conditions should be reported.

Food handling activities when one's health issues may result in food contamination should be stopped immediately.

Make sure your food is safe

Make sure to keep your clothes clean, use the appropriate personal protection gear, and use only authorized bandages and dressings.

Do not let clothes or other materials worn inside the kitchen be a source of foodborne illness.

Avoid coming into touch with food that has been prepared and is ready to consume.

Personal interaction with food and surfaces that come into touch with food should be kept as sanitary as possible.

To avoid foodborne disease, use sanitary cleaning procedures.

Hand cleaning is an effective way to avoid spreading disease.

To ensure proper hand hygiene, wash your hands often and regularly.

Use suitable facilities to clean your hands.

SITXFSA001 assessment answers

Performance Evidence

Indicators of a person's ability to complete the activities specified in this unit's components and performance standards, including:

Show that you follow the organization's hygienic food handling guidelines at least three separate times.
show how to do things:
Identify potential food safety issues
Inform the authorities about any harmful activities you come across.

Knowledge Evidence

Performed duties in accordance with the unit's components and performance criteria:

1. Rules and standards governing food safety in the commonwealths of states and territories:

Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code definitions of contaminant, infection and possibly hazardous foods
Sanitary habits are the responsibility of both the employee and the company
Why food safety procedures are necessary and what they should include
Local government regulators play a key role

2. Health problems that might pose a concern to food safety:

airborne diseases
foodborne diseases
infectious diseases

3. Hygienic measures that must be taken to prevent foodborne disease.

4. A particular field of endeavour and entity:

Some of the most common things that may go wrong when food is contaminated
The causes and consequences of food contamination by microorganisms
The fundamentals of food safety measures in the workplace
Procedures pertaining to food safety and hygiene within an organization
Sanitary work methods according to the specific obligations of each employment function.

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