How to recover my Yahoo account without a password?

Most of the time, we create our yahoo account and forget our password. With the help of the security provided by yahoo, you can easily recover our passwords with ease. You need your recovery email, or if you want to use your phone number, you can use that to recover your yahoo account. Before recovering your yahoo account, you need your recovery email or your phone number. Any one of them will work. 

To recover my yahoo account

* Firstly, you need to go to the yahoo login page 

* After this, you need to write your mail-id there. 

* Then click next

* Then you need to select the forgot password. They will ask about your recovery mail and write your recovery mail

* Once you get the mail on your recovery mail id which will have a one-time password or a number 

* Now,  you need to fill in for recovering the account. Once you write the number, they will ask you to create a new password

* you need to type the same password again and click okay

* Now you need to log in by using the new password.

Recover Yahoo Account Using Phone Number

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