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Relx classic 1st generation Come andmoment of relaxation

Relx Classic generation

1. The cigarette rod is metal, drop-proof and oil-proof.

2. The pod is a metal contact, and the pod and the pod are sucked together by a magnet. After the combination, you can enjoy the taste of tobacco.

3. RELX's pods have a throat-like feeling like real smoke.

4. The taste of real smoke, and zero tar is healthier.

5. A pod takes about 600 to 650 sips. After smoking, you can directly discard it and replace it with the next one.


Due to the use of compact electronic originals, please place them carefully to prevent damage. Please make sure not to get wet during use to avoid damage to the machine.

Product Specifications:

Battery capacity: 350 mAh

Charging time: 45-60 minutes

Number of ports available in full power state: 250~300 ports

Tobacco rod weight: 17g

Included items: cigarette rod x1 pod x2 charging cable x1

Different colors to send different sets of flavor cartridges:

Classic Black, Starry Grey, Fairy Blue, Rose Gold. Free: Fresh Mint (5%) + Classic Tobacco (5%) 

The dazzling purple star sea, the golden night shadow, the golden powder twilight , the blue nebula , the strength red, the deep sea blue, and the first snow white. Free: Green Bean Popsicle (3%)  + Iced Watermelon (3%) 

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