How Do You Make Your Braids Beautiful?

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1. The sewing

Sewing is a safer way to do it.

Leave the braids in place until you are ready to remove them.

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The two most common sewing methods for knitting patterns are round back or straight back.

The weave pattern required usually depends on how you want to place extensions or parts.

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When you're done knitting, you'll need needles and thread.

Thread through the needle and tie the knot to first hold the thread in place.

Then, starting on either side of the back, push the needle through the weave, then pull the thread all the way out, and repeat.

In this approach, threads lock tracks into the braid layer and are therefore very robust.

In addition, this method is easy to remove!

2. The glue

Hair gel is one of the easiest and fastest!

But it can be the most destructive, depending entirely on the installation sewn into the braid.

The first method is to weave or loosen the natural hair and then put a knitting cap on the head.

The hat acts as a barrier between the hair and the glue.

Measure the track required for each layer, glue it together, and apply pressure to the head.

This style is often referred to as "fast knitting".

3. The crochet

First, crochet the hair directly back.

If you want some hair or curls, I recommend this style as the visible appearance of the coil will not show up compared to the possibility of straight hair.

Next, pass the needle through the fabric, open the latch on the needle, add the hair, close the latch, and then voila!

All done!

Unless you're someone who really doesn't want to get your hair done, this is your way!

You can always sit and watch your favorite movie, loop, loop!

4. The clip

Often, people who want to add some extra length to their hair will use hair and clips that are already worn on the track.

It's really fast.

The clip is also the world's newest and greatest thing natural hair.

The cutest tongs for high school students and kids!

Even celebrities use it, which is their name -- clips.

To install, simply separate the unfurled hair and clip it to the scalp like a comb.

For example, if you're wearing natural braids and want a complete look, clips are great to use.

You don't even need to add much, maybe just two or three clips around certain parts of the head to make you look more complete.

5. Micro link

Microlinking is a cumbersome installation method that can take three to four hours to complete.

It requires a specially trained hairdresser to install it.

For micro links, you must have a clamping tool to install the extension.

Micro links are loops that apply to every strand of your hair.

Your natural hair goes through the loop and then extends to the next one.

Each time the hair passes through the loop, clip it into the holding part.

Once installed, you can almost treat it as yourself.

Of course, assuming the hair is 100% virgin, you'll be able to wash, cut, style, and dye it.

The seamless natural look looks more realistic and doesn't let people experience awkward situations.

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