Trademark Registration in India- The Entire Process Guide!

India is one of the fastest-growing countries with a high impact on worldwide trading. In this competitive market, new start-ups are emerging with their brands every day, and it is very natural to have identical products. This fact is alarming because anybody can take advantage of your brand if you do not prevent it from happening. Here comes the importance of having a trademark.

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Advantages of trademark registration

You enjoy the following advantages as you register your company's trademark:

- A registered trademark is an appreciating asset generating future revenue.

- A trademark gives your company a unique identity protecting it from illegal interference.

- Your customers can identify your brand through the trademark, finding your products without hassle.

- Once you complete your trademark registration in India, it remains with your business perpetually, subject to intermediary renewals.

The process for registering a trademark

Here is the procedure you must follow for registering your trademark:

Trademark search-

Class Selection and Documents Collection-




Frequently asked questions

Q. I am a sole proprietor; can I have a trademark and register it?

Yes, you can have a trademark and opt for its registration.

Q. How many classes of goods are there that one can register for a trademark?

There are 45 classes of goods and services for trademark registration.

Q. After what time shall I renew my trademark?

You need to renew the trademark after ten years from its registration date.


trademark registration in India

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