[Review] Missha Style 4D Mascara

I want to buy a new mascara!!! I've been hunting around for good reviews, here are some I want to share with you guys. Saw this on purplelyhazelly's blog! ==================================== This is what she shared about the Missha Mascara What I like: Gives volume to my lashes and still look natural. Perfect for everyday use. Smudgeproof. As for waterproof, I haven't tested it yet since I never cry when using it ._. Easily apply to my lower lashes. Soft to touch <3. Unlike my Etude Henna Mascara which make my lashes feel like false lashes -,- Lasts up to 8 hours or more! Easily removed using make-up remover Cheap price What I dislike: Can't hold my eyelash curl. Before using the mascara, I curl it first but yeahh around 1 hour later after applying it, my eyelashes are not curl anymore :( Rating: 4 out of 5. Will I repurchase? Yes. :) Missha products always impress me. I have their eyeliners, eyeshadows and this mascara (all are eye make-up :p) and love love love <3 Have put their super famous M Perfect Cover BB Cream in my wishlist long time ago. Maybe I will buy it later :p ==================================== i still cant decide!!! any recommendations???

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