Beyond Cream and Sugar: Coffee With Cheese, Eggs and Reindeer Bones

1. Reindeer bone: in Norway, a piece of reindeer bone is added to make the coffee taste less bitter. 2. Salt: It makes a certain ubiquitous chain’s burned beans taste less bitter. Others recommend putting salt in the coffee grounds, rather than the final product, to improve the brew’s flavor. 3. Ice cream: Germans add a scoop of ice cream floating on top (preferably coffee-flavored, but vanilla will do).Germans love Eiskaffee. It’s a cold, blended drink there—coffee and ice cream, topped with whipped cream. 4. Eggs: Scandanavians believe that adding crushed eggshells to coffee grounds improves the flavorothers crack an egg or egg whites into the coffee itself, making “egg coffee.”

I love it all Korean related! Also, Food and Sports are my passion!!
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