List of the Worst and Best Tattoo TV Shows

The Worst and Best Tattoo Television Shows in the World

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A tattoo TV show may follow a tattoo artist's daily life, including their business dealings, clients, and personal relationships.

In others, artists from all over the world compete against each other for international recognition. In some series, people design tattoos for their loved ones (for better or for worse), while in others, artists attempt to fix past tattoo mistakes for clients who want do-overs.

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Madrid Ink (Discovery MAX, 2013)

Among these spin-offs, LA Ink is the best known, as Kat Von D took her outsized personality to Los Angeles and tried to host her own show. There was some success-Kat's personality was well-suited to Ami's staid persona, but the stories of the tattoos often got lost in Kat's personal story instead. With NY Ink, Ami moved to New York to open a shop there in an effort to revive the brand. In order for it to work, Ami and Kat had to both be in the same show at the same time. Internationalization of the show's format was attempted with London Ink and Madrid Ink.

Tattoo School (TLC, 2011)

There was a TLC docuseries about a tattoo instructor who claimed to get students ready for the real world after only two weeks. Famous for creating hilarious controversy because you can't learn how to tattoo in two weeks. (Admittedly, the show presented itself as blowing the cover on professional tattooing, which it framed as a money-making racket.) It barely ran for more than one episode, and though the show’s page still exists on TLC, implying it could still come back, the teaser for the first episode includes the line: “I just don’t want to mess up someone’s skin forever!”

Are there any plans to bring back Ink Master?

Tattoo artists compete in various challenges to prove their skills on the reality show Ink Master. Every week, a contestant is eliminated until one remains, winning the $100,000 grand prize, being featured in Inked magazine, and receiving the title. – Find a large collection of tattoo ideas for men. The trend of getting a tattoo continues to grow among men today. It’s no secret that some ink can be a great way to showcase your personality.
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