Hai Phong spicy fish noodle soup - have you heard of it?

Hai Phong fish vermicelli

Hai Phong fish vermicelli with delicious, hot flavor and unique processing makes them more wonderful. This is a specialty dish of Hai Phong port land, a great culinary choice for everyone if they have the opportunity to come to this place.

What ingredients are Hai Phong fish noodles made of?

- Carp

- Mackerel

- Pork bone

- Colocasia gigantea

- Tomato

- Ginger

- Dried purple onion

- Turmeric powder

- Scallion

- Crispy flour

- Pork bologna

- Fresh vermicelli

- Accompanying vegetables: banana flower, celery, kimchi, basil

ống ruột gà lõi thép bọc Inox

The most detailed way to make Hai Phong spicy fish noodle soup

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

Step 2: Make Fish

Step 3: Prepare the broth

Step 4: Blanch the vegetables and noodles

Step 5: Present and enjoy.

Notes for a more delicious bowl of Hai Phong fish noodle soup:

ong ruot ga loi thep

– You should use bone broth with fish bones added later to taste better. And if you forget to put the fish bones in the broth, that's okay too.

– You can replace carp with tilapia or perch to make Hai Phong fish noodle dish more delicious.

– For better broth, besides taking fish bones to simmer, you can add fish heads. When simmering, it will bring a much more surprising flavor and especially delicious, making even the pickiest eaters to be surprised by the finished product you get.

– You can also split water spinach to eat raw with fish noodles to enjoy the great taste.

When you know how to make Hai Phong fish noodle soup, the whole family will enjoy this noodle dish without having to worry that they sell dishes that do not guarantee food safety anymore. Go to the market and start doing it right away.

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