Extend the Life of Your Home With STL Polyjack’s Foundation Repair in St. Louis

What is a foundation?

Often times people think that the footing of the building is the foundation. That is not entirely true. Every concrete structure apart from the look and feel might be part of the foundation. A crack or chink in the walls or floor might be an indication that the foundation of the home needs to be inspected. In case, if there are any issues they must be addressed immediately.

Ignoring these wouldn’t cause any issues in the short term. However, in the long term, it might challenge the integrity of the entire structure. There are two types of cracks to be aware of and look for. They are,

1. Structural Cracks

2. Non-Structural Cracks

Structural Cracks -

Non-Structural Cracks -

Foundation Repair Companies in St. Louis.

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