How do I communicate with Iberia?

How do I communicate with Iberia

Ways to communicate with the Iberia Airlines

Contact via Phone Call

If you are willing to talk to a live representative of the airline's customer service team, you can follow the given steps that are explained below in detail:

Browse through the official website of Iberia Airlines. 

Accept all cookies. 

Click on the Helpdesk option at the top of the homepage. 

Click on the Talk to Us option on the redirected Iberia FAQs page. 

Choose the call option to talk to a representative. 

Dial the number and follow the IVR instructions. 

Press 1 to choose your preferred language. 

Press 2 for new bookings. 

Press 3 to cancel your booking. 

Press 4 to reschedule your flights. 

Press 5 for other changes in your booking. 

Press 0 to talk to a live representative. 

Press # to listen to the menu again. 

Enter 0 and wait for some time. You will soon get connected to a live representative. 

At times, the line also stays busy. You can choose to ask the Customer Service team to call you back on your registered mobile number.

Contact through Online Chat Service 

If you are shy to talk to a stranger and want to avoid phone calls, there are other options also available to communicate with the Customer Service of Iberia Airlines. To know the steps to get on to chat service, follow the given steps:

Navigate to the Helpdesk option from the official homepage of Iberia Airlines.

Then click on Talk to us option. 

From the different options, click on the Chat icon. 

A chat dialogue box will appear on the down-right owner of the screen. 

Enter the registered name, email address, and contact number. 

An agent will get connected to you. 

Chat with the agent and avail of the required support. 

Communicate with the Customer Service through other ways

How do I communicate with Iberia if you don't want to call or chat with the customer service team and are confused? Here is your one-stop solution. The other ways to contact the customer service of Iberia are through email, contact/feedback form, or their social media handles. To know more about these, go through the official website. 

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