The hottest jewelry sale in 2022 is actually sold by the kilo!

This article will detail the secrets of jewelry sales.

Why do businesses now prefer to sell jewelry by the kilo?

Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry

Third, the current jewelry sales model - selling by the kilo provides customers with more autonomy, customers can customize their favorite jewelry according to their preferences, and manufacturers can also communicate to understand more intuitively the consumer trends in jewelry, which is a win-win situation.

Why consumers should prefer jewelry sold by the kilo?

First, more affordable prices can give consumers the desire to buy. Consumers are willing to spend a cheaper price on the premise that the quality can be received guaranteed. Selling by the kilogram model can ensure the quality of jewelry, because the manufacturer can provide customers with pictures to check when the goods are shipped, so that customers can buy with confidence.

Wholesale Jewelry

Final words

Wholesale jewelry

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