How to Check Indian Railways Train Time Table on Your Mobile?

One common problem experienced by all travellers is delays because of a lack of awareness of the accurate train time table. However, there are solutions and options to get your train time table facts right and plan your journey accordingly.

It is an era full of internet connectivity and mobile phones. Nowadays, everyone wants to know everything in a very short time. The rail enquiry app RailMitra can help you access the train Railway schedule within seconds.

Let us know how to get an IRCTC train enquiry.

How to Check the Train Time Table on Your Mobile Device?

There are umpteen queries related to railways on the internet where you get various rail enquiry services, including Railway time tables. But you should rely on authentic apps that give you the correct information.

RailMitra app is the best app for you, which you can trust for your train schedule enquiry. Its user interface (UI) is excellent, and you can instantly access all train-related information. The rail timetable shown on this app is 100% accurate.

The app is easy-to-use and helps you to quickly check train seat availability, PNR inquiries, and train schedules online. With this app, check the list of other relevant trains travelling between that particular station. Some are slow-moving, while some express. Keep track of all the options and plan accordingly.

How to check the Time table?

Through Website:

RailMitra website

2. Select a train schedule from the Rail Tools option.

3. Enter either of the two pieces of information: Train number or Train name.

4. You will get the schedule in just a few seconds.

Through Mobile App

RailMitra train time table app

2. Select train schedule options.

3. Enter your train number or train name.

4. The app interface will display your accurate train schedule on the mobile screen.

Through SMS

Simply text to 139 using the format shown below.


Note:Note: XXXXX denotes a 5-Digit Train Number.

How can you keep track of the trains at the station?

When you keep track of any train, you will see that the names of the source station and the final station are marked as blue and green icons, respectively.

The green line between the source and the final station destination indicates the route the train has covered. In case there is anything in the way of the train route that has not yet been covered, it can be easily seen and denoted by looking at the blue-colored line that represents the untraveled route.

How do I make an Indian Railways train route search?

You can search the Indian Railways train route by finding a train between two particular stations. After finding the desired route, check the train schedule by entering its name or train number.

The importance of knowing the Indian Railway timetable

Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to get somewhere? If not, then you can make a terrible decision. To help you avoid this, RailMitra has presented you with a special feature that allows you to thoroughly analyse your train route before you begin planning your trip.

With this, you can travel anywhere in comfort and on time.

Knowing the Indian Railway timetable is valuable for wise, safe, and successful vacation planning.

There is no denying that train travel is extremely popular among people. Indian Railways has been operating a vast network spread out over the nation. It can be stressful to choose the proper train for your journey. So it's always a smart move to examine the railway timetable. It helps to learn everything about the trains that run between particular stations.

Sometimes trains are delayed, cancelled, or rescheduled. Finding the schedule for another train is useful in this situation.

It is pertinent to look up the number of days trains operate because not all trains run regularly.

seat availability

How to find the stations?

A list of station names will appear whenever you look up the Indian Railways schedules that the train covers. The information makes it easier and more convenient for you to choose which train to take and where to go between stations.

How to find out the train schedule for a specific route?

The best Indian railways time table app RailMitra provides reliable information about the timetable of the train on all routes of the Indian Railway.

Best app for local train time table:

local train time table


Mobile is the best way to know about the train. So download the RailMitra app and know your train time table in just a few seconds.

RailMitra is a one-stop destination for every passenger who is planning to travel on a train and want an Indian railway enquiry service instantly. Making travel fun is what we aim to offer to our end users. RailMitra offers a complete package when it comes to planning your travel journey. For more information download the app: RailMitra: Best Railway App or visit here:
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