Drinking System for Poultry

Sparkcup is designed for intensive poultry houses and complexes.


Sparkcup can be easily adjusted to different poultry housing.

Sparkcup and the optional drip tray enable to supply water to the birds as soon as possible after the poultry has been supplied.

The unique design of the Sparkcup enables to supply water to the birds as soon as possible after the birds have been supplied. The water can be easily adjusted to the different poultry housing.

The Sparkcup needs only 1.8 meters of plate for the installation. Sparkcup has a maximum capacity of 40 liters per hour and 150 liters per day.

Sparkcup for broilers, broiler breeders and breeding turkeys

Sparkcup comes in different sizes to suit the needs of broiler breeders, broiler breeders and breeding turkeys (e.g. 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre).

The device is equipped with an electronic timer and with a high water flow. During this time, the device will automatically refill the cup.

The Sparkcup is easy to take care of and can be quickly cleaned. The automatic refill of the cup saves precious time and money. If a spark cup is not available, you can use a normal feeder with a feeder tube to deliver 300 ml of water every 15 minutes.

The drinking cup is made of a robust, food-grade plastic, which is also extremely easy to clean.

The drinker is filled with water for broiler breeders and broilers. This system is for operating with a manual timer or with fully automatic electronic timer and a high water flow.

The dispenser can be refilled manually with a funnel. This device is not to be used with an automatic refill.

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