Solo Female Trekkers in Nepal

Solo Females trekkers in Nepal Himalayas region

Solo female trekkers

solo female trekkers

We, Nepalese community respect the female trekkers and individuals of all pace of the life are welcomed graciously. Nepal is small country, but too rich in nature and diversity, where you can travel around the traditional, custom, culture, world highest mountains and atypical flora and fauna. Solo female trek in Nepal is best, before going to trekking in Nepal Himalayas regions, it is best to know below notice.

Which is the most popular trekking destination for solo female trekkers in Nepal? Our list has many packages trip for a trek in Nepal Himalayas regions. These are the most popular trekking routes in Nepal.

1. Langtang valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp trek

3. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest (8,848meters/ 29029ft 

4. Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit trek – 12 Days

5. Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Hidden Valley TrekTourist in 2003. 

Is safe for Solo Female trekkers?

Of course, as we are local trekking guide and porters’ team in Nepal, you can make a trip with us, safe to travel is our top priority responsibility Nepal is world most popular trekking destinations routes and also knows as the High passes journey or easy short trip, during the trip, you get professional Government trained license holder Guide, who came from the Himalayas.  Guide lead trekking paths, checks TIMS and entry pass permit. Trekking guide provides information on history, culture ,lifestyle of the people residing there, details knowledge on various aspects of living and non-living beings located in that region and gives remedy measures if you are contracted with high altitude sickness. Porter carries heavy bags and luggage if you bound to take it with you as they are experienced in carrying heavy loads.


Body Clothing:

•    Sleeping Bag

•    Down Jacket

•    three pairs of trekking t-shirts

•     Long sleeved shirts

•    Thermal Shirt for Colder place

•     Fleece Jacket

•    Warm wool Sweaters

•    Waterproof and windproof Jacket

•    Cotton Trekking pants with folding

•    Waterproof and windproof pants

Head and Face:

•    Sun Hat

•    Wool or fleece hat

•    Headlight

•    Sunglass

•    Sunscreen 50

•    Face wipes and towel

List of Foot wears:

•    Trekking Boats

•    ¾ Paris Preferably Cotton Socks

•    Crampon

•    one pairs extra Sport Shoes

Nesecery Gears:  

•    Gaiters just in case if snow

•    Gloves and Thick Gloves

•    Big rucksack above the 40 L 

•    Waterproof Bag Cover

•    Rain Coat

•    Trekking Pole (if you needed)

•    Laundry Soap

•    Shampoo

•    Toothbrush

•    Toilet papers

•    Water peals

•    Bottle for drinking water

•    Pen and Note Book

•     Copy and Tourist Guide Book

•    Camera

•     battery charger

•    Memory card

•    Cell Phone and Charger

•    Money Wallet

•    Altimeters and Playing card

First aid Kid: 

•    Diamox

•    Cotton bandages

•    Paracetamol

•    Painkillers

•    Loperamide to Control diarrhea (just in Case).

•    Water purified tablets

•    Lozenges

•    Elastic bandages

•    Thermometer

•    Moleskin and sling.


Himalayan Local Guide Pvt. Ltd. Local trekking company is managed by professional guides and porters teams who has worked long years ago with other tours and trekking company, very honest with all the trekking destinations of the Nepal Himalayas region.
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