What Programming Language to Learn First?

This question has haunted philosophers since the dawn of man, hundreds of options, and there is no best one.

So today I’m gonna take you on a tour to decide.

So, to simplify let's see programming languages that you should never learn as your first language:


Yes, yes... I know you may tell me:

But those are the best languages to learn because you learn how to operate with memory and bla bla bla. But isn't it too complicated for beginners, it’s also dangerous, stuff like memory leaks can cause hazards, so for my sake please look for alternatives.


So as a beginner why the hell would you learn a boilerplate-driven language that relies on OOP which (for me is complete nonsense) life is too short to code with these languages. C# is hard to avoid for game development but throw Java in the trash ok?


Rust is a gorgeous language in my opinion but for beginners learning it is truly a crime like C/C++ it provides so much low-level control and also the way it deals with memory is complicated.

Now we remain with a few that you should choose from in my opinion:


One of the most popular, but you might be surprised why it’s not the best. This is saved for another article.

Lua It’s the most underrated language, in my opinion, it is easier than python with 21 keywords and is pretty powerful, but still not the best choice.

You have been waiting for this are you ready?


Don’t hate me for that but it’s


It’s the language of the web and has a way of doing everything with no excuses also JavaScript has a classical curly brace syntax and needs no setup at all.

It might be a bit tough to debug but this is better to use it without a full IDE like Pycharm or IntelliJ

I'm okay with other opinions so what do you suggest no I am not a professional guy so take my words with a grain of salt.

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