Why is my Optimum Internet Not Working?

The optimum is an internet provider company delivering smiles to millions across the United States. The company provides services and facilities at a very affordable rate so that you can enjoy your daily streams without any hassle. The company offers various plans and subscriptions from which you can grab suitable options according to your convenience. 

* If you are utilizing a wifi connection, take your device closer to the wireless router or remove any obstructions or obstacles between the wireless router and the device.

* Move to the device settings application, turn off the wifi, and select your network at home. At last, carefully enter the network password again.

* Once check whether the device is up to date, switch off the device completely; after that, try reconnecting the device.

* Take Out the power supply cord from the wireless router, wait for a few minutes, then plug in again. Now try to connect with the respective device.  

* You can try one more method by connecting the router via a wired ethernet connection after that with a wifi connection.

How Do I Talk To A Live Person At Optimum?

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