How do I get a Refund from Icelandair?

Suppose you plan a vacation with your family, but after bookings the flight, you get sudden health issues due to which you cannot travel. Then you will get the option to cancel the flight and apply for a refund, and while traveling with Icelandair airlines, you can avail of this facility. Icelandair provides you a refund within 14 to 20 working days after canceling the flight. To know the complete refund process and policies, you need to read below. 

Refund policies of Icelandair are given below. 

If cancelation is done by you within 24 hours of bookings the flight, you will get the total amount in a refund. 

If you cancel the flight after the 24 hours free window and then apply for the refund, you will get the refund after deducting the cancelation fee. 

If you cancel the bookings for any medical reason, you will receive a complete refund, but you need to show the documents to the officials of Icelandair. 

If Icelandair cancels your flight and offers you an alternative flight for the same route and destination, which takes two more to reach the final destination, and then you cancel your flight, you will receive the refund after paying the cancelation fee. 

If you make the bookings by using any miles or offer, and then you cancel your flight, in that case, you will not get any refund, but you will get a voucher which you have to use within 12 months. 

Get a Refund from Icelandair:

You can successfully apply for a refund by following the below process. 

Open the official website of Icelandair in any preferred search engine.

Then click on the manage bookings section. 

After this, you must fill out the passenger's last name and bookings reference number. 

On the next page, all your bookings will come; you need to choose to want to cancel. 

Next, fill out the genuine reason for flight cancelation and cancel your flight. If you see any charges, pay them using a card or other ways. 

Following this, you need to find out the refund application form and mention your complete details in that form and send it. 

Last you will get the message of canceling the flight on the given contact number and mail id. 

How do i get a Refund from Icelandair

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