Why every programmer should write

Reading this topic, you may wonder "Don't all programmers write?" Yeah, we write code but the main point of this write-up is what some call technical writing.

Technical writing is a fairly huge aspect in tech that most people don't pursue, I normally didn't see the need to until I forced myself to put a post out there, my fears?


like most people I dislike criticism the fact that I'll spend long hours of my day working on write-ups just to put them out and get a bad review or response. Then I went with something I know, Python basics, I felt no one can go wrong with Python basics so I wrote stuff on that. But I learned some criticism can be good. They help me improve and soon enough I got over this fear.

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I didn't have a problem with consistency till last week when my health went bad and could barely think of what to write, I had written at once every 4 weeks for the past 4 months and got the 16week consistency badge.

So why should you go through all this just to write what you benefit:


when writing weekly, though lazy at first I find myself prone to research more often to understand what I'm about to put out, and researching will greatly improve everyone's understanding of a particular aspect of tech whichever you want whether you're writing on it or not.

Cleaner code, Less debugging:

as I continued to write code as I learned, my knowledge of programming also greatly improved it was almost like I began to understand the language like my own and the program does almost exactly what I need it to do which makes my code more liable to run than cause an error needed to be debugged.


I may not be the most popular technical writer in the world, but I can at least be recognized as an author by some, an author of the beginners programming with python series.

I have found so much joy in writing, Also thinking of getting a part-time job from it, so if you know of any openings feel free to hit me up. In the next few weeks, I'll be writing some data science/machine learning overviews and giving steps on building and training models, stay tuned and keep coding.

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