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Stretch marks on the stomach are not because of any underlying diseases or disorders. We wouldn’t be hurt. But because it detracts from their appearance, individuals, particularly women or single girls, feel terrible about it. They want their skin to be flawless, and in the worst-case scenario, they may become depressed over it.

What are the causes of stretch marks on the stomach?

1. Puberty: 

Due to the rapid growth that occurs throughout puberty, lines or streaks may emerge on the skin. 

2. Obesity:

Under the epidermis, there are elastic fibers that allow the body to enlarge as it grows. Stretch marks appear on the skin when growth increases and the elastic fibers begin to break.

As there is a rapid expansion of skin in obese persons they are more prone to these stretch marks.

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3. Heredity: 

Your genes play a significant role in determining your nature, height, color, and skin texture. You may develop stretch marks if your mother developed them on her stomach while carrying you.

Stretch marks on a person’s body are also provoked by heredity. 

4. Exercise:

Bodybuilders follow stringent and rigorous workout regimens, which cause the growth of their muscles in places like the thighs and biceps to grow quickly.

It would not affect the stomach as no one will try to develop their stomach with exercises.

5. Sudden weight loss or gain: 

Stretch marks can develop as a result of rapid weight gain, and the same is true of rapid weight loss. Stretch marks and weight reduction do go hand in hand.

This is because when weight is dropped rapidly, it tends to lose its natural flexibility, which puts stress on the skin from the rapid weight reduction. 

6. Pregnancy:

The skin extends in a variety of ways throughout pregnancy to make room for the developing baby. After this stretching, the skin doesn’t return to its original shape and may even scar. 

7. Cushing syndrome: 

When your body consistently produces too much cortisol, Cushing syndrome develops. Taking oral corticosteroid medicine may cause this. Alternatively, your body could make too much cortisol. 

Because cortisol activity has already made the skin thin and fragile, the buildup of fat brought on by Cushing’s disease stretches the skin, causing red-purple lines.

8. Usage of corticosteroids:

Stretch marks can develop because corticosteroid creams, lotions, and pills make it harder for your skin to stretch. 

How to remove stretch marks on the stomach naturally?

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