The father the son #23 - February, 33 AD

"Now, after I told you the real circumstances of my life, I must tell you that in a way, perhaps you were right about me. Maybe there is another realm and maybe I did come from there to save you. If this is true, then I will soon go back there" "What do you mean, Rabbi? " "My life on this earth will soon be over. Caiaphas have already planned my execution. There is no way I can avoid my premature death, but maybe I can avoid a meaningless death. I now know that realizing the true mission of your life, this is the way to enter the kingdom of heaven. Mine is to die in a way that will be remembered forever as a symbol of hope" "But Rabbi, isn't there another way? surely we can escape... " "Oh Judas, can't you see? there is no escape! This world is like a serpent, biting its own tail. It's a circle with no beginning or end. Where shell we go? " There is a long silence and then Judas asks, "What is my role in all of this then, Rabbi? " And Jesus answers, "You are the one who will orchestrate my death. You will suffer greatly for this, but you must remember that I entrusted you with the mission. In few weeks we will go to Jerusalem, and while we are there, you should go to Caiaphas and tell him that you want to betrayal me. You must look confused and worried. Let him offer you money for your service. Then tell him you will help him to find me when I am alone and kill me quietly." "But how will that be the kind of death you seek? " "It will not, because on the due time, you will bring some Roman soldiers and a whole crowd with you, and when Caiaphas will see all this mayhem, he will be forced to say that he came to arrest me and take me in front of the Jewish court. The rest is up to me, but I must know that I can trust you with your part. " "You can trust me, Rabbi. And no matter what, I shell remember that I have done it in your name. "

God gave me a pen and asked me what do I want to write. I am still writing the answer.
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