What elements should a good news media have?

Quality news media must value and commit to organizations that build stronger cultures of diversity and equality, where employees can thrive in an environment of inclusion and respect.

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Here are the elements of success for good news media:

1. Shape Ideas

Be creative and curious. Be prepared to fail and keep learning. Be responsibly reckless. Experiment often. Think big and invent the future.

2. Redefine Speed

Speed matters. Have a bias for action and dedication to quality. Have the flexibility to turn on a dime. Be willing to disagree, commit and move on. Feel the urgency and act.

3. Take Ownership

Ownership drives success. Own your results. Have mental toughness and teamwork to overcome obstacles. Make a judgment call and get it right. Accept responsibility and deliver.

4. Leading

Leadership ignites ideas, speed and ownership. Draw out the best in people. Model courage, maturity and empathy. Build a diverse and inclusive team. Establish clear expectations and guide toward results.

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