How To Use RELX Vaping Device

So, you just bought your very own RELX vaping device from RELX New Zealand, or at least you’re thinking of buying one.

Want to know what you’re working with? We’re here to lay it out for you.

RELX Vaping Device.

RELX Vaping Pod.

Take the e-liquid / e-juice pod out of its packaging and insert it into the cavity of the vaping device. You’ll notice it slides in smoothly, gently attaching itself to the vaping device, which means th pods and devices stay connected via a magnetic lock. No clicks, no manual lock-in here.

Once the e-liquid pod is finished, simply swap it out for a new one. RELX offers over 20 flavours and there will be more flavours coming in the future. So there is a flavour for everyone!

Pretty easy, right? Maintaining your RELX is just as simple.





About LeakingAbout Leaking

Leaking may be caused by liquid being pulled up into the air path. Some common causes:

Built up condensation blocks the pod chamber. Condensation does happen during normal use and stay on the bottom of the pod, please wipe it off regularly.

Don’t bite or squeeze as you puff on the pod, your mouth should be relaxed on the mouthpiece.

Hard puffing on the mouthpiece may also causes leaking, try puff gently.

Rapid change of air pressure can cause leaking so please detach pod and device during air travel, keep the pods sealed in a container.

In general, a pod that is leaking a little can still be used, just be sure to wipe off any leaked liquid before you insert it back into the vape device.

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