Cyclists Pulled Over For "Racing and Speeding"

Going down a 30MPH road in Seattle, WA this cyclist found himself behind a slightly slower bicyclist so he decided to pass (and give them a wide berth as you should when passing a bicyclist). A police officer saw the cyclists side by side and pulled them over for "racing and speeding." The cyclist stated he had not hit over 30mph according to his speedometer. He eventually ended up reporting his top speed at 30.2 MPH. Full transcript: Officer: You you guys have to follow the same rules as cars Other bicyclist: Ya, so why can't we be out in the road? Officer: You can't race Camera man: I wasn't racing Other bicyclist: I don't know this guy Camera man: I don't know him either Officer: The speed limit is 30 (think this is what he said) Camera man: Ya, 30 is the speed limit Other bicyclist: How fast was I going? Officer: Let's not play this game Other bicyclist: I'm just curious, how fast was I going? Officer: You were going faster than 30 (very matter of fact statement that was blatantly false) Camera man: I actually have a speedometer, I am going 30 Other bicyclist: I was going slower than him Officer: Ok! Ok! Alright! You still don't have all the equipment on your bikes

It's not the rider, it's the bike. Refer to the rules.
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