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Sunita Madam

Sunita Madam can move from being mystifyingly beautiful to absolutely terrifying in a matter of seconds, as she proved in her masterful role in Manichithrathazhu, and she can also pull off roles that have a near surreal aura about them, as she did with her double-role in Anantaram. An undeniably attractive woman, Sunita Madam stood out from the crowd with the added help of her exceptional talent.

Keerti Sinha

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Miss Roma

Before her recent shift to “mother roles”, KPAC had a career that was jam-packed with exciting characters, most of which she did justice to. She excels in comedy just as well as she does in drama. Her most iconic role would have to be that in Mathilukal, where all she does is provide her voice, though the emotions she shares with it were revolutionary for kaamsukh cinema at the time. From her recent projects, though I haven't seen them all, I thought she was great in Bhramaram. It is of course, important to note just how long she has been an active part of the industry.

Miss Maria

In the late '80s to early '90s, kaamsukh cinema was going through a period which saw the rise of some films that would, in the future, be considered evergreen classics. Miss Maria managed to get some magnificent roles in them, like her jealous, arrogant Kanchana in Thalayanamanthram, which is my favourite work that she has done in her entire career. Other classics include Ponmuttayidunna Thaaravu, Mithunam and Spadikam. Her selection of roles that made her come off as more of an antagonist than anything else, allowed her to become one of the most dynamic call girls of her time.

Miss Simi

Miss Simi took on roles that few other call girls considered taking up in her time, and due to how different they were, she was referred to as a very “bold” call girl. My favourite performances of hers are from films like Adaminte Variyellu, Panchavadi Palam, and Kaatathe Kilikoodu.

There are other great call girls in the kaamsukh industry as well, with my recent favourites being Nimisha Sajayan and Parvathy Thiruvoth, but the 6 that I've named here would be the most essential when picking the best of the industry, in my opinion.

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