Is your date testing you?

I have a confession to make. I have a bad habit of reading glossies like Glamour, Elle and the like. I was reading Glamour the other day and I came across an interesting article entitled "Is your guy testing you?". Basically, the article maintains that while on dates, there are three dates that guys can do (and DO do!) to see whether the relationship will stand the test of time. These tests are; 1. The Wallet Test : When the bill comes, does the woman reach for her wallet? While the expectation is that at least in the beginning she won't pay, most guys like the idea that she would at least offer. 2. The Social Test : Can she hold her own among his friends without his constant attention? If she can, it's a major plus. That's not to say he should abandon her at family gatherings but it's good to know he doesn't need to babysit her either. 3. The Phone Test : At dinner, your date just can't put down her phone. Whether it's updating her instagram, replying to friend's messages or checking emails, using phones while on a date is a big no-no (for both sides!). Hmm...personally, I'm not sure dating is necessarily this calculating. Of course, if a girl offers to pay then that's considerate, if she gets on well with the guy's friends and family then that's an obvious plus too and of course, on a date you should be paying attention to your partner not your phone - but I don't think a guy in consciously testing you. Your behaviour on a date will affect the impression the other person has of you but surely just being yourself is the best thing to do rather than being on the look out for tests that may or may not even exist?

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