What Does The Top 3 Reviews Say About iBaby Monitor?

iBaby Monitor

Are you worried that it may not turn out to be a Good purchase? It's best to learn from the experiences of others. That is which is why we encourage you to read customer reviews.

Here are the top three testimonials posted by users of the iBaby monitor for your reference. Check them out!


Daniel, a verified user, stated that this iBaby monitor is quite easy to install and operate. In terms of functionality, Daniel stated that he liked the notification and alarm capabilities, which provide any parent peace of mind.

"The night vision has outstanding clarity, the daylight picture picks up incredible detail (I can see him breathing!)" he added. The sound quality is excellent, and the music selection is extensive.
" The device is linked to an app that works with any mobile system, and it may be placed in any region of your baby's room."

The only flaw that Daniel mentioned in his review of the iBaby monitor is that the app lags for around 30 seconds because her dog usually alerts her first that the baby is crying inside.

"On my dog's barking, when I try to open the app to see if my kid is crying or not, the app takes a few seconds to respond," he explained.


Another verified customer, Michelle Chen, mentioned almost the same wonderful things in another review, adding that with this iBaby monitor, they can rotate the camera with a touch of the screen using the app, and can snap images and videos to document the baby's priceless moments.

"I can listen to or speak to my baby," she continued.
"It also plays lullabies, tunes, white noise, and stories. Also, the device's customer service is excellent. There is a 'Contact iBaby' button within the app. I've used this function to contact them a few times. And the iBaby team went above and beyond to assist."

Michelle shared her experience with new users, adding that one thing that potential customers should have is a wall mount kit for the monitor unless they have a shelf on the wall or a surface area to support it. She said that she had not noticed this and had purchased the kit thereafter. She also advised the vendor that the wall mount kit be included in the package.


The final review we'd like to share comes from another confirmed user who is a mother.

"I enjoy being able to observe the temperature and humidity in my son's room (especially now that it's warm outdoors)," she said of the iBaby monitor.
"It also contains a CO2 and air quality meter, which is convenient.
The night vision is extremely sharp and clear!  It also includes a projector for adding a nightlight to the room.
I'm sure my son will enjoy this function when he grows older. I've utilized the ability to communicate with my son via the monitor a few times. It comes in handy when you need to calm them down before you can reach them.  The sound quality is excellent. 
My favorite feature of the iBaby is the ability to watch my children no matter where I am! I don't need to carry a separate monitoring gadget; all I need is an app on my phone. It doesn't matter if I'm at work, with my husband, or even out of state. I can see my children. That is priceless!"

My Opinion

All of the top three verified customer reviews gave this product a 5-star rating and highlighted their good and negative experiences.

After reading these reviews, you should be able to determine whether or not to purchase this iBaby monitor for your child. Best wishes!

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