Hanoi street food - Local's Pick

Hanoi street food has been well-known for its fresh ingredients and healthy balance, the city is packed with places to eat street food. Here a quick guide to the most famous street food of Hanoi and where to taste them! 

Pho of Hanoi

Pho is a special gift of Hanoi. Many places are having “pho”, not just Hanoi, but only Pho of Hanoi is delicious.

Delicious pho must be “classic” pho, cooked with beef. Besides, the broth is clear and sweet broth, and the cake is flexible, but not crushed, the meat is crunchy, not tough with lemon, chilli, and onion.

rau thom tuoi“ca cuong”

Hanoi street food tour

Fresh noodle roll of Hanoi (pho cuon)

Fresh spring roll is one of Hanoi’s delicious dishes typical Hanoi people.

rau thomlach

Huong Mai fresh noodle rollsMap

HungBen fresh noodle rollsMap

Details: https://hanoibylocals.com/street-food-hanoi/

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