8 Powerful Brain Hacks

Paul Michael shares some hard to believe ways to tap into some hidden brain resources we have. 1: Smell handsome! I love this--men were given some deodorants alleged to make them more attractive to women. Those who repeatedly told themselves they smelled good were judged more attractive by women. 2: Think your pain smaller. Patients suffering from wound pain reported less pain after viewing their wound through inverted binoculars. The study suggests either not looking at the wound, or using the binocular trick. I find thinking how small the area of pain is relative to the rest of your body can help, too. 3: Organize with your imagination. Before tackling clutter, take a minute to close your eyes and visualize what the clean and organized space would look like. Most people doing this saw where things should go, and saved hours of straightening time with this one minute hack. 4: Mind Palace! I only had to see the phrase to think of Sherlock:) Create a mental palace with memorable rooms or places, then place things you need to remember inside. This is an incredibly powerful tool if you spend the time to develop it. 5: Open your eye(brows)! People who raised their eyebrows and opened their eyes wide were more creative when tested by writing photo captions. Just like smiling can naturally improve your mood, opening your eyes wide just might bring back that child-like creativity! 6: Write it down. The action of pen on paper seems to press things into your memory better than typing them into a reminder list on your phone. 7: Sing to relax. If you're nervous before a big event, exam, speech, sings takes your mind off your nerves. OK, maybe if you're alone in the green room before appearing on Jon Stewart, but I think I'd get even more anxious singing in front of strangers while waiting to give a presentation. I wondering if humming would work just as well? I thought these were fascinating tips, and I intend on trying them when the need arises--that's if I put them in my mind palace and remember!

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