Rich Man Poor Woman Written preview for episode 8

Concluding the resignation press conference, Hyuga confronts Asahina and asks “Did you orchestrate all of this?” Asahina not only admits it, he reveals that this is the result of his coddling of Hyuga in the past. At this time, Yamagami tells Hyuga that the only asset Next Innovation has right now is the personal file project, so Hyuga needs to let go of the company. Hyuga rejects this request and announces that he’s taking employees with him to start a new company. Hyuga intends to use innovation and speed to battle for the project. He tells Asahina, who is walking out of his office, that NI is a burden and he intends to start a new company. Makoto, who has just returned to the office, stares with a heavy heart as she watches Asahina versus the Hyuga who is tasting defeat for the first time in front of a Asahina who is asserting his presence at last. As Hyuga packs up to leave the company, he asks Makoto about her new job offer. When he hears that Makoto is moving forward with the new job, Hyuga feels a sense of loneliness. At this time, folks plan a going away party for Hyuga, so Makoto goes to ask Yoko to cater the party. Yoko asks Makoto, whose internship with NI ends tomorrow, whether she feels a sense of sadness about leaving? Makoto denies it, but her feelings for Hyuga is obvious to Yoko. The day of the going away party, even though Hyuga has lost everything due to Asahina’s machinations, he publicly thanks Asahina. But in Hyuga’s mind, he vows that the personal file project will be his goal at the new company, but he’s also planning something with regards to Asahina…… cr: koalasplayground

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