Why install structured cabling in your company?

There is a very evident tendency in many companies to rely solely on Wi-Fi networks, which can lead to connectivity difficulties, and of course slower speeds.

However, in any company where you want to make better use of IT resources, you need to understand the advantages of installing structured cabling.

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling (https://termired.com/instalacion-cableado-estructurado/) consists of a series of twisted pair cables of different types oriented to create a local area network, or LAN.

This type of cables can be UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), unshielded, or shielded, STP (Shielded Twisted Pair).

In this way, we can bring a cabling system from the work area to a communications room, allowing a computer network in which different devices are connected to each other and connected to the Internet by cable, not wirelessly.

This type of networks can be realized with copper cable, coaxial cable or optical fiber.

Advantages of structured cabling

Let us now see the benefits and advantages of structured cabling in a company.

Better performance. The performance of a computer network based on structured cabling allows a better connection and higher speed than through a wireless or WiFi network. This is something that many companies ignore, but it would allow them to have better speed and performance.

Better connectivity. Connectivity problems tend to be more common in wireless connections, because we rely on a more complex system. Waves can run into obstacles or interference that cause you to lose connectivity at certain times.

Better-ordered cables. When we make an improvised computer network, in the end there is a tremendous mess of cables that gives a bad image of your company, in addition to increasing the risk of breakdowns. In addition, if there is no computer network, we must bring the devices closer to the device to which we want to connect it so that it can be used, for example in the case of the printer or photocopier.

Easy maintenance. A computer network with structured cabling is not at all a difficult system to maintain. It is simple, the cables have a long service life if they are well ordered and sorted, and we can ensure that the network provides good performance.

Possibility of integrating computer systems. Printers, copiers, scanners... you can have everything connected to your computer network, so that everyone can use the same device. You won't have to keep moving laptops around, re-installing software on each one, making sure there is compatibility.

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