Tips For Choosing The Right Color Correcting Concealer

Tips for choosing the right color correcting concealer i

A skin-toned concealer is great, but a color-correcting concealer will do more, especially for those with skin discoloration.

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What İs A Color-Correcting Concealer?

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How To Choose A Color-correcting Concealer

Refer to the color wheel when deciding which color to use. Complementary colors or opposite pairings of the color wheel can cancel each other, which can give your face a neutral canvas to apply foundation. For a complete breakdown of each shade, please read on.

How To Apply A Color-correcting Concealer

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How to Use Green Color Correctors?

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How To Use Yellow Color Correctors?

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Quick Tip: You can try it yourself with the NYX Professional Color Correcting Concealer Palette. It has all you need in one compact.

How To Use Pink Color Correctors?

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How To Use Peach, Orange, And Red Color Correctors?

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How To Use Purple And Blue Color Correctors?

Blue and purple concealers can neutralize yellow or orange hues. They also correct dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and tone down orange skin. Think back to the times when you may have used too much self-tanner. The Maybelline New York Master Camo Color Correction Pen in Blue is available.


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