The father the son #24, February 33 AD

"One hundred years ego, a gladiator named Spartacus, led a revolt against Rome. When the Romans have finally beaten him, they realized they need a punishment worse than death. Crucifixion is that punishment. The people condemned to this cruel form of punishment die from suffocation, when they can no longer support themselves on the cross. How symbolic this is to the way Rome treats all of us!" Jesus looks at his disciples. Their faces are blank. They don't seem to understand what he is talking about. "We are all nailed to Rome's cross.", he continues, "Corrupt leaders are our nails, misguided priests are our ropes. And so we are destined to struggle, bleeding and thirsty, for yet another breathe while all we can gain is some more time in which we ask ourselves if it worth the suffering." Again he looks at them. Still blank faces. "But there is a way out. Not by a rebellion which is doomed to fail, but trough all the things that I tought you in the last 3 years. Occupation can end without even one Roman soldier leaving our land. Suffocation can end with almost no blood shed. Almost none. None except of mine." The blank faces turn worrying. "My mission in this world is almost over. All is left for me is to die in great suffering, and by doing so, concur suffering and death - and in this way, everything that I tought you will become a new message for the world. A gospel that Rome can be beaten! " All the disciples start talking at once, begging Jesus to tell them that he does not really mean what he said, but he raises his hand to silence them. "In few weeks we will go to Jerusalem, and before the Passover holiday enters, I will die on the cross. And from that day on, the cross shell become your symbol. A symbol of beating fear and hopelessness. And then you must go and teach the whole world, that Jesus of Nazareth, the son of man, have beaten fear and death for them. Teach them what I told you in the sermon on the mount. Teach them how to stop struggling for the next breath and free themselves, so that they can breathe naturally..." And while he speaks to them, none of them notice that Judas is not there.

God gave me a pen and asked me what do I want to write. I am still writing the answer.
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