Important Training Tips: Doggy Don'ts

You may find it hard to teach your dog new tricks and behaviors. Your pet's innate qualities and traits may affect how you will implement the strategies and attain the best results.

To help you become a good dog trainer, avoid doing the following things. Remember not to:

Allow your dog to get bored. When you think your dog is losing interest in the training sessions, immediately discontinue what you are doing.

Discredit or demotivate your pup when he fails to follow what must be done.

Hurt physically or shout at your dog as a punishment. Doing this will scare your dog and make him aggressive.

Do training sessions when your pup is hungry or tired. If you still push this, your pooch may become frustrated and will not follow you.

Go after your dog when you want him to go to you.

Conduct your training sessions in places with several distractions, like different aromas, noises, other pets, and people.

Expect too much from your pet.

Hope for your dog to understand a new command you have not taught yet.

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