what are the alternatives to YouTube Vanced to watch videos ad-free since its discontinued?

Youtube Vanced, a modded Android app that has been very popular in receiving high praise because of its ad-free experience, is being discontinued. For those looking for alternatives, here are the best YouTube Vanced alternatives to watch videos without ads.

Why is Youtube Vanced shutting down?

According to reports, the YouTube Vanced app shut down because it got a cease and desist letter from Google. The developers are going to take down the download links for the app soon, but for now if you have Vanced Manager and Vanced microG installed on your device, you can use the app. However, after two years developer support can no longer be guaranteed which may result in parts or the entire app not working.

The announcement of YouTube Vanced shuttering came as a surprise to many users as the app was one of its kind and offered many features over the standard YouTube client. Features like Sponsor Block, Return YouTube Dislike integration, and more made it popular.

NewPipe: what is it?

NewPipe manages video playback, provides seamless service to other apps aside from YouTube, and offers offline video and audio support.

NewPipe, the web app that provides you with a way to access and download videos on YouTube, is made without using any of the YouTube APIs. The open source app was developed by passionate privacy-friendly developers who don't want an outside company (Google) tracking your viewing habits.

The official NewPipe build misses the SponsorBlock system, but you can download it from GitHub.

The next alternative is SkyTube. It lets you browse YouTube ad-free, lets you subscribe to channels, browse user comments, bookmark your favorite videos and more. The app can be downloaded from SkyTube’s official website and F-Droid.

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There is a version of the SkyTube app, which includes some non-FOSS libraries and extra features that Sky Tube’s FOSS app excludes. You can download this app from the official website.

MusicPiped is an easy-to-use and beautifully designed music player with many of the same features as the traditional Vanced phone. MusicPiped lets you search YouTube for and play music videos from a Material Design-inspired interface that resembles a local music app. You can import your favourite playlists from YouTube or your local storage to create customised mixes for hours of uninterrupted listening. You can download this app for free on F-Droid.


LibreTube is a YouTube app that allows you to enjoy ad-free and privacy-friendly browsing. Unlike other apps, LibreTube allows you to register an account with your own subscribed channels, so you don’t have to keep track of which videos were recently released. It also has features such as the ability to browse YouTube playlists, trending videos, enjoy subtitles on videos and more.

LibreTube has many features that are on the way and developers are promising them soon. You can download LibreTube from GitHub.

YouTube may soon have one less annoyance

To bypass the YouTube verification, we recommend installing YouTube on a browser that is not Google product-related. In today’s world of hacks and virus threats, it is important to be careful with your account credentials and maintain privacy of personal information.

How Kiwi browser works for people without a laptop or access to the internet

Kiwi is the only Chromium-based browser with support for extensions, and is both open-source and in continuous development. You can install extensions such as AdGuard or uBlock Origin to disable ads on YouTube and get an ad-free experience. If you want a Vanced experience, you can install enhancer features as well. Kiwi is available in the Play Store.

Brave browser explained

Brave is a browser that comes with an ad-blocker. Brave is not as versatile as Kiwi, but gets the job done and provides an ad-free YouTube browsing experience. Brave is also open-source and can be installed on Macs, Windows, Android and iOS.

Firefox for Android now offers a wider variety of add-ons, like YouTube HD and Background Play Fix. These are available through plugins, which let you browse ad-free like on Vanced

Considering its new partnership with Opera

Samsung is the last browser that lets you watch YouTube without ads. It comes with an extension for whitelisting trusted websites and covers including AdGuard, AdBlock Plus, and more. The video player functions without glitches and makes your video watching experience more convenient.

FAQ - How to watch YouTube videos without ads and without downloading a video-playing app

If you don't want to install any apps or browsers, and still want to access YouTube ad-free, there are several DNS-based ad blockers that will work on Android and iOS.

AdGuard is a DNS service that applies filters to your everyday internet traffic, blocking ads and trackers from all around the web. You can find guides for android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks.

If your device doesn't support Private DNS, you can use an app to change the DNS on your Android.

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