Hedgehogs In A Multi-Pet Household

Hedgehogs can stand a household with different pets as they have exceptional defensive mechanisms. Even so, keeping them safe and free from distraction is also important, as their behavior and well-being somehow depend on how your other pets behave.

Hedgehogs can coexist with other animals like cats and dogs, as long as they are strictly monitored and supervised. Hedgehogs are still considered predators and you would not like your dog or cat to become an easy target by your hedgehog.

Because hedgehogs have quills, cats and dogs know that they must keep a good distance from them. They are aware that the quills could hurt and prick them. so they try to socially distance themselves from a hedgehog.

As a responsible pet owner, you must be aware of the different behaviors that your pets are showing. If one or two of your pets show signs of anxiety or discomfort, you must determine what is causing it, and at the same time, keep your other pets away to avoid conflict between these animals.

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