Yellow Claw & LNY TNZ - "Last Night Ever (THUGLI Remix)" (Music Video) | Dim Mak Records

제가 무척 좋아하는 Yellow Claw 와 LNY TNZ의 콜라보 였죠! Last Night Ever 의 THUGLI 리믹스 입니다! Amsterdam trio Yellow Claw and Dutch duo LNY TNZ have partnered to unleashed the perfect party-starting anthem in the form of “Last Night Ever.” The Dim Mak fixture encourages the “you only live once” mindset in this explosive electro track helmed by jagged drumrolls, thunderous hardstyle breakdowns and raspy vocals reminding listeners to act like tonight’s the last night ever. Canadian duo Thugli remixed the rapid-fire track down to a more relaxed tempo centered around anticipatory vocal drops and crawling drumrolls. Yellow Claw & LNY TNZ - Last Night Ever (Original + Remixes) iTunes: Yellow Claw Facebook: Yellow Claw Twitter: Yellow Claw SoundCloud: LNY TNZ Facebook: LNY TNZ Twitter: LNY TNZ SoundCloud: LNY TNZ Instagram: THUGLI Facebook: THUGLI Twitter: THUGLI Instagram Dim Mak Facebook: Dim Mak Twitter: Dim Mak Instagram: Subscribe: By Any Means Necessary For Dim Mak, community comes first. Since the label's inception in 1996, Dim Mak has thrived on a commitment to preserving a boundless, forward-thinking music community. Dim Mak is a lifestyle brand encompassing records, events and apparel. All the while, tapping into the vast community of artists that influence modern music culture to bring them altogether to stages worldwide.

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