[August-2022]New Braindump2go 5V0-31.20 Exam Dumps[Q20-Q50]

Question: 20

An administrator has been tasked with increasing the available capacity within an existing Cloud Foundation deployment to support the deployment of a production Workload Management cluster. The VMware Cloud Foundation environment consists of a single workload called Production. The Production workload domain consists of a single vSAN Cluster called Production-01 that existing Virtual Machines. During the original deployment, even through automated firmware updates were not required, the Production workload domain was configured to use vSphere Lifecycle Images to automate its ongoing lifecycle management.

Four new hosts have been commissioned in SDDC Manager to support Workload Management. The new hosts are identically configured to the hosts that are currently deployed into the Production-01 cluster.

Which process must the administrator complete to enable Workload Management?

A.Create a new vSAN Cluster within a new vSphere Lifecycle Manager Image-based workload domain.

B.Create a new vSAN Cluster within a new vSphere Lifecycle Manager Baseline-based workload domain.

C.Extend the Production-01 vSAN cluster with the additional four hosts.

D.Create a new vSAN Cluster within the Production workload domain

Answer: C

Question: 21

Which two host network types may have IP address assigned by VMware Cloud Foundation? (Choose two.)






Answer: BC

Question: 22

An administrator must upgrade an existing ESXi cluster that is part of a VMware Cloud Foundation environment with a predefined image. Including firmware and vendor add-ons.

Which method should the administrator use to perform the upgrade?

A.vReafcze Suite Lifecycle Manager

B.vSphere Update Manager

C.vSphere Lrfecycle Manager

D.vCenter Lifecycle Manager

Answer: C

Question: 23

For which VLAN must a DHCP server be configured prior to performing the VMware Cloud Foundation bring up process?

A.NSX-TEdge Overlay


C.NSX-T host Overlay

D.NSX-T Host

Answer: C

Question: 24

What is required when creating storage policies for vSphere with Tanzu?

A.Verify that the storage policies are set and will be assigned to the Supervisor Cluster.

B.Ensure that the reference datastore in the storage policy is shared between all ESXi hosts in the cluster

C.Verify that the storage policies are set and will be assigned to the Supervisor Namespace.

D.Ensure that appropriate tags and attributes are added to the datastore

Answer: A

Question: 25

Which disk configuration is supported by VMware Cloud Builder and can be used for VMware vSAN in VMware Cloud foundation environment?

A.Two 600 GB HDD disks and four 2 TB SSD disks per server

B.Two 60X5 GB NVMe disks and four 2 TB SSD disks per server

C.Two 600 GB NVMe disks and five 2 TB SSD disks per server

D.Two 600 GB SSD disks and five 2 TB SSD disks per server

Answer: B

Question: 26

An administrator is tasked with creating a federation between five VMware Cloud Foundation instances. What is the number of SDDC Manager instances that must be assigned the controller role to enable HA?





Answer: C

Question: 27

An administrator has been tasked with deploying a VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain Stretched Cluster that consists of eight (8) hosts hour (4) hosts have been successfully deployed and commissioned in Availability Zone 1 (AZ1).

All other required prerequisites have been met The administrator has started the procedure of stretching the VMware vSAN cluster by creating a new network pool in Availability Zone 2 (AZ2) What is the next step in the procedure?

A.Get the UID of the Cluster in A21 using the API Explorer

B.Stretch the VMware vSAN Cluster using the API.

C.Get the UIDs of the hosts in AZ1 using the API Explorer.

D.Commission the four (4) hosts within SDDC Manager

Answer: D

Question: 28

Which network type within SDDC Manager must be added to the Network Pool to support the deployment of a Workload Domain that will only use vSAN storage?

A.vMotion and NFS

B.vMotion only

C.vMotion. vSAN, and Management

D.vMotion and vSAN

Answer: D

Question: 29

Which two Password Management options are available for passwords that are locally manage med within VMware SDDC Manager? (Choose two.)






Answer: BC

Question: 30

A system administrator is creating an NSX-T Edge cluster with two-tier routing to the workload domain. The administrator select Workload Management as a use case which requires Large Edge Form Factor.

What are the hardware specifications of an NSX Edge Large appliance?

A.64 GB memory. 8 vCPU. and 700 GB disk space

B.64 GB memory, 16 vCPU. and 250 GB disk space

C.32 GB memory, 8 vCPU, and 200 GB disk space

D.32 GB memory. 16 vCPU, and 250 GB disk space

Answer: C

Question: 31

A customer is planning to upgrade NSX r in a VMwarc Cloud Foundation consolidated deployment to unlock new features. Which factor must be considered during this planning phase?

A.NSX-T Manager must be converged to standalone before the upgrade.

B.NSX-T follows the Management Doman upgrade Bill of Material.

C.SDDC Manager, vCenter Server and PSCs must be upgraded first.

D.NSX-T upgrades can be performed separately from the VI Domain

Answer: C

Question: 32

Where can NSX T be used in VMware Cloud Foundation?

A.in an external cluster

B.Only with consolidated architectures

C.In all architectures

D.Only with standard architectures

Answer: C

Question: 33

Which two components are required to support the initial bring-up of an automated VMware Cloud Foundation 4 x deployment? (Choose two)

A.VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

B.VMware vSphere Security Configuration Guide

C.Deployment Parameter Workbook

D.VMware Cloud Builder

E.VMware SDDC Manager

Answer: DE

Question: 34

Which two integrations, in addition to computing resources, are provided in vSPhere with Tanzu to deliver a native experience (Choose two.)

A.Advanced Monitoring with VMware Tools

B.Networking via NSX Container Plugin

C.IP Address Management via External Services

D.Hypervisor Integration with KVM Hosts

E.Cloud Native Storage via vSAN

Answer: AB

Question: 35

An administrator creates a vSphere with Tanzu namespace. Which two limits can be defined in namespace? (Choose two )

A.Limits on CPU

B.Limits on memory

C.Limits on NIOC

D.Limits on load balancer

E.Limits on storage IOPS

Answer: CE

Question: 36

Which two statements regarding MTU size should be considered prior to executing a deployment of VMware Cloud Foundation? (Choose two.)

A.MTU of 1600 is a minimum for TFP VLANs

B.MTU of 1500 is a minimum for TEP VLANs

C.MTU of 9000 is a minimum for all non-management VLANs

D.MTU of 9000 is recommended for all non-management VLANs

E.MTU of 1500 is recommended for all non-management VLANs

Answer: AD

Question: 37

An administrator creates a management domain using the VMware Cloud Bulkier appliance Which type of storage must be used as principal storage for the management domain?





Answer: B

Question: 38

An administrator has been tasked with enabling north/south routing and the consumption of additional network services by deploying an NSX Edge Cluster into a VMware Cloud Foundation deployment

The following information is available:

•There is only one Workload Domain.

•The Workload domain contains two vSphere Clusters.

•One of the vSphere Clusters is a Stretched Cluster

•All hosts within the Workload Domain are identical.

•The physical network uses both the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) protocol

Which statement is true when considering the deployment of an NSX Edge Cluster in this situation? Which statement is true when considering the deployment of an NSX Edge Cluster in this situation?

A.The NSX Edge cluster cannot be deployed onto the Stretched Cluster.

B.The Small form factor must be selected when deploying the NSX Edge cluster.

C.The Default profile type must be selected when deploying the NSX Edge cluster.

D.BDF must be selected when deploying the NSX Edge cluster.

Answer: D

Question: 39

An administrator adds permissions to a namespace m vSphere with Tanzu.

Which prerequisite must be satisfied before a user or group can be assigned to a namespace?

A.It must be assigned with Administrator role in vCenter Server

B.It must be created in Kubernetes cluster.

C.It must be a member of vSphere SSO identity source

D.It must be assigned with Administrator role on SDDC Manager level.

Answer: D

Question: 40

A customer wishes to integrate their VMware Cloud Foundation deployment with Microsoft CA to be used for SDDC certificate rotation. Which three requirement achieve this configuration? (Choose three.)

A.Integrate OpenSSl with Microsoft CA Server so CSRs can be generated for all appliances.

B.Configure the web server (IIS) security setting to use basic authentication.

C.Deploy a separate Microsoft ADFS server to integrate with the Microsoft CA server.

D.Ensure that the service account which is configured on the SDDC Manager has the least privilege access to the Certificate Authority Service

E.Configure and issue a VMware Certificate template for Machine SSL and Solution User certificates on the CA server.

F.Configure the web server (IIS) security setting to use Integrated Windows Authentication.

Answer: BDE

Question: 41

Which two statements are correct about VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) license editions'' (Choose two)

A.VCF Enterprise Edition has the capability to use Tanzu Kubemetes services on vSphere.

B.VCF Starter Edition allows stretching clusters across multiple availability zones.

C.All VCF license editions include automated deployment and lifecycle management of VCI components

D.VCF Advanced Edition allows large-scale migrations from old environments to VCF

E.All VCF license editions have the capability of automated deployment and lifecycle management of user workloads

Answer: AC

Question: 42

A system administrator needs to perform an image based backup of SDDC Manager using VMware vSphere Storage APIs - Data Protection Which type of backup must be performed to reduce the backup time and storage cost?

A.Synthetic full




Answer: D

Question: 43

A new security vulnerability has been identified in SSL. The VMware vCenter appliances in the company's latest VMware Cloud Foundation environment have been found to be impacted VMware has released an updated ISO and upgrade bundle.

Which method should the administrator use to remediate this security vulnerability?

A.Use NSX-T Distributed Firewall to block all incoming traffic until the patch is applied.

B.Update VMware Cloud Foundation to a release containing the patch.

C.Use VMware Update Manager to apply the update.

D.Use VMware Lifecycle Manager to apply the update.

Answer: A

Question: 44

An administrator needs to import a cluster image (exported from vLCM) into Cloud Foundation. Which file is optional to import?

A.ESXi image ISO file created using vSphere Client

B.Image components ZIP fife created using vSphere Client

C.Cluster settings JSON file created using VMware Cloud Foundation APIs

D.Image specification JSON file credited using vSphere Client

Answer: B

Question: 45

Which two components are included in the NSX-T upgrade process within VMware Cloud Foundation? (Choose two.)

A.Virtual Distributed Switch (vDS)

B.NSX-T Upgrade Coordinator service

C.NSX-T Controllers

D.NSX-T VIBs installed on ESXi hosts

E.VMware vCenter Server

Answer: BD

Question: 46

What is the valid server type within SDDC Manager that should be used when registering an external server for the file-based backup of VMware NSX Managers?





Answer: A

Question: 47

A company has data centers in New York, Berlin, and Hong Kong and would like to make cross-region visibility possible How can this goal be achieved?

A.VMware Cloud Foundation cannot connect multiple instances, so data must be collected via API.

B.Use VMware Cloud on AWS as the central hub for data exchange, and present data thru AWS.

C.Leverage VMware Cloud Foundation Multi-Instance Federation.

D.Install additional vRealize Operations nodes in each site, and federate the data via Remote Collectors.

Answer: C

Question: 48

A system administrator wants to configure 4 NICs and 2 vDS, where primary vDS is used for Management Traffic, vMotion, Host Overlay, Edge Overlay, and Uplink networks.

Which vDS profile does the administrator need to set?

A.Profile 1

B.Profile 4

C.Profile 2

D.Profile 3

Answer: D

Question: 49

Which two statements accurately characterize vSphere Pods? (Choose two )

A.A vSphere Pod is the smallest building block of vSphere with Tanzu that can run containerized applications.

B.A vSphere Pod can run only one container, and the minimum number of vSphere Pods in a cluster is three pods.

C.A vSphere Pod is just a VM that runs a minimal version of Photon OS and container runtime on top of it.

D.A vSphere Pod is a Kubemetes pod that runs on Tanzu Kubemetes Cluster

E.A vSphere Pod can use normal vSphere Standard Switch and vSphere Distributed Switch

Answer: AD

Question: 50

Which step should be followed to restore SDDC Manager using the OVF tool?

A.Retrieve the DNS name or IP address of a host m the management Domain

B.Use the host s DNS name in the host password_vault-json, and this will display the root password

C.Install the OVF Tool on a system in the VI Workload domain.

D.Move the SDDC Manager VM into the VI Workload Resource Pool.

Answer: A

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