CTI Integration with Salesforce can Increase your Efficiency

CTI integration with Salesforce

Considering CTI integration for the Salesforce platform helps businesses manage sales operations smoothly, streamlining the telephony process. It is all possible with Salesforce CTI, an open API that helps third-party CTI vendors easily connect telephony channels to Salesforce.

The integration allows you to access and use features like automated call logging, click-to-dial, softphone, local presence, voicemail drop, and screen pop-up that help to boost the customer experience.

How Sales Reps Can Use Salesforce Telephony Integration

With the help of a Salesforce-integrated CTI solution, you can streamline critical sales processes, quickly gain access to valuable insights on telephony data, and maintain better visibility into the activities of your team.

Salesforce telephony integration:

Reach Prospects Faster

With the help of integration CTI with Salesforce, you can eliminate the need for manual dialing and boost productivity using click-to-dial and automated dialer features within Salesforce. It helps your sales reps to achieve a dramatic increase in the number of outbound calls that they plan for each day.

Salesforce CTI solution for sales process can help you use local presence dialing to reach more prospects faster, thus helping them to improve pickup rates by 30%. 

The sales reps can also use voicemail drop to leave pre-recorded messages in your prospect’s voicemail so they can quickly move to the next call, thus reducing the customer waiting time.

Get Greater Visibility of the Team

The integration allows you to access the complete visibility of your sales team, irrespective of where they’re working from the different devices they’re using. You can easily view all your call information in Salesforce, easily track the performance of your team and make data-driven decisions to boost growth.

You can also access real-time dashboards so you can always have an eye on the major sales KPIs, and access various productivity-boosting features like automated activity capture of every cal.

Achieve More Conversions

Bringing CTI and Salesforce together will allow you to access your prospect’s information instantly — including their activity history, location, and job roles to help you create personalized sales experiences and boost conversions.

It also allows you to utilize the web-to-lead feature, allowing you to automatically trigger a sales call the moment any prospect shows interest in your website. It helps you reduce the time to speak with your top prospects, thus increasing the chances of quick closure.

Move to CTI Integration with Salesforce

Despite multiple channels for marketing, telephony is still the highly used approach to get your brand closer to your audience. So, make sure you manage it all right connecting your telephony system with Salesforce and streamlining the process. 

Just reach out to the Salesforce integration experts at 360 Degree Cloud and get your third-party systems connected with Salesforce.

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