The Underdogs | Vlog 11 | @MattMajorFitness

Save 20% site wide on MyProtein supplements with code "LABOR" [LINK TO REDEEM DEALS] Hey guys! In this video I go through basically a full day of eating, my day to day life, & a common question I get "What music do you listen to in and out of the gym?". Thanks for watching! Don't Forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Like me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram

Hey everyone! My name is Matt Major and I'm a 21 year old fitness vlogger from Michigan. I'm an aspiring fitness model with a vision of spreading fitness and better health to the world. I have plenty of tips and advice to help people out on everything fitness related. I love to joke around and express all that my personality has to offer while knowing when to be serious at the same time. Follow along with me in my journey to becoming a fitness model!
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