Accenture Placement Papers Online Test Series 2022

Did you know?

Nearly 60-80% of the candidates appearing in the Accenture recruitment cycle are disqualified based on their online assessment results.

In a nutshell, Accenture is one of the top IT consultancy firms that is on the radar of every fresh and seasoned IT veteran. The company provides a unique and diverse work environment that allows you to pioneer innovations. One of the reasons why Accenture is highly sought-after by IT graduates is because it provides continuous learning opportunities.

assessment test through an Accenture mock test

What is the recruitment process at Accenture?

Before you begin crawling through the internet, trying to search for the best online Accenture mock test, we’d like to draw your attention to the recruitment process at Accenture.

Online application form

=> Fill the Accenture application form online.

=> Match your job application to the 6 core values of Accenture - Stewardship, Best => => People, Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Respect for Individuals, and Integrity.

=> Write your resume in the same language as the job description.

Immersive assessment

Accenture uses an array of aptitude tests to gauge the psychometric abilities of a candidate. These tests include -

=> Numerical Reasoning Test

=> Situational Judgment Test

=> Logical Reasoning Test

=> Personality Test

Digital interview

To ace the digital interview, you must practice answering questions that are commonly asked in tech and consultancy firms. Your answers must be well-structured and timed.

Avoid using filler words in the interview. Your verbal communication skills must be convincing and showcase why you are the best candidate for the applied job.

You can prepare for the digital interview by taking multiple mock interviews and practicing a variety of predefined competency-based and industry-based questions. You must also try using the STAR acronym to frame your answers.





Assessment Centre

Candidates have to take up a variety of exercises to demonstrate their competency in this round. The competitive exercise included in this round are:

=> Group case study

=> Virtual reality exercises

=> Technical assessments

=> Final interview

Why take the Accenture mock test series?

It goes without saying that practicing a vast array of questions through an Accenture mock test can help you ace the psychometric tests at Accenture.

In fact, a recent study conducted by Bradley et al in 2019 has proven that nearly 54-84% of the candidates who don’t practice assignments before psychometric assessments, end up failing in the tests.

Here’s how an Accenture mock test can help hone your preparation for the Accenture online assessment test:

=> Taking an online mock test ensures that you can take a test from any corner of the world. This helps save your time and bid goodbye to worrying about juggling multiple test papers and stationery.

=> Whenever you take an Accenture mock test online, a window with a ticking clock will appear on your screen. With a ticking clock over your head, you will be able to manage time efficiently and learn how to finish a given set of questions in a stipulated time frame.

=> A major drawback of offline tests is that you have to wait for the results to be analysed which can take anywhere between a few days to months. However, this is not the case with online tests. Here, you get instant results and feedback to figure out your preparation plan.

=> Online tests are not only a time efficient option but also a cost-effective alternative to offline tests.

=> A mock test features similar questions to the actual Accenture online assessment test. Solving such similar questions prepares you ahead of time about what can be asked in the exam.

What Kind of Questions Can You Expect from an Accenture Test Series?

An expertly curated test series featuring an Accenture mock test can help you advance further in the hiring process. This test series is focused on the technical and aptitude aspects of the recruitment, which is where most candidates tend to get stuck.

preparing for Amazon on-site interviews

Features of this mock test include:

=> Cover all sections of the exam effectively.

=> Practice in a stipulated time frame to enhance time management skills.

=> Learn critical concepts that are asked in the Accenture online assessment test.

=> Get a stronghold on the coding and problem-solving skills.

Before we go through some of the questions that can be asked in an Accenture mock test, let’s take a look at the exam pattern:

=> Round 1 -

=> Round 2-

=> Round 3-

=> Round 4-

Some of the questions that can be asked in the aptitude test at Accenture are:

=> A mixture of water and milk is in the ratio of 7:5 and weighs 144 liters. How much milk can you add to the mixture to make the new ratio of water to milk 21:23?

=> Imagine a city where the male population declined from 2018 to 2019 by 8%. Let’s say the male population was 7200 in 2018. Calculate the male population in 2019.

=> Technical questions can also be asked from the following topics:


- Networking

- Data Structures

- Algorithms

- Systems Designs


Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to leave any stone unturned in your Accenture online assessment test preparation, then taking an Accenture mock test is imperative. The questions asked in this mock test are also common to other interviews such as the Amazon on-site interview.

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