Roller skating - a retro alternative to running

They enjoy over 300 years of tradition, and although they have been replaced by roller skates for some time, they are back in favor again. Because we are talking about them, roller skates have a positive effect on our health and figure and are an interesting alternative to running, cycling, and other sports that we can practice in the city.

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Who invented roller skates?

roller skates

Unfortunately, the man could not brake yet and only stopped on a crystal mirror worth over £ 500. Thanks to such a spectacular performance, the news of his idea spread very quickly, and subsequent designers began to work on its improvement. Roller skates were officially patented in 1812, but the iconic model with four wheels was invented by James Plimpton 51 years later.

Advantages of roller skating

Running and cycling are the two most popular sports disciplines among Poles. Statistics translate into reality - these athletes have become a permanent part of the city landscape. Inline skaters are much rarer, while roller skating has many advantages. It is a less invasive sport. The movement is smooth, thanks to which we do not burden the joints and do not feel as tired as when running. So we improve our condition and motor coordination without much effort.

During one hour of activity, we can burn up to 700 kcal. When skating, we engage all parts of the body to work, so we model and firm the entire figure (especially the arms, abdomen, buttocks, and legs). In addition, we oxygenate the body, reduce stress, and improve our circulation.

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What to choose: roller skates or roller skates?

Roller skates appeared first, although, for a long time, they were popular only among enthusiasts. With the growing interest in them, and the lively appearance of the retro fashion trend, the question arose - what to choose? In this case, you should follow your own preferences.

Roller skates are more stable and safer but also slower and less maneuverable. This does not mean that they restrict your freedom very much because they are perfect for dancing. However, they will not necessarily provide sensations to people expecting an increased level of adrenaline.

inline skateseasier to learn to skate

Choosing the right roller skates

roller skates - There are questions to consider if you want the best women's roller skates for ease of use and stability; how much comfort you will get with long wear, what is its off-road ability, and so on. will be essential for you when choosing roller skates for women.
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