Why should take care of jewelry?


Keep jewelry tidy.

Since jewelry is a fragile object, it should normally be kept away from household fumes, detergents, cosmetics, and other similar goods.

2. Jewelry maintenance on a regular basis

Regular jewelry maintenance is necessary for jewelry to shine brightly every day; when a problem arises, it will also be known immediately away to assist repair rather than waiting for the problem to worsen only to be fixed. hundreds of dollars on the fix

3. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming or using hot springs.

Since jewelry is easily dropped while swimming or using hot springs and the water includes chemicals, it is better to avoid wearing jewelry during these activities.

4. Avoid donning jewelry before bed.

A common practice is to wear jewelry to bed. In actuality, this habit is really bad and may harm the jewelry needlessly. Before going to bed, make an effort to remove your jewelry to protect it.

5. Keep your jewelry somewhere safe.

Many people acquired excessive amounts of jewelry, making it difficult for them to understand how to wear it or where to place it. to cause loss, hence it needs to be stored promptly.

When wearing jewelry, you should aim to minimize external forces' pull and friction to prevent the jewelry's structure from deforming and breaking. frequently examine jewelry to see if there is wear or set loose once a month, and then repair.

Avoid extremes of heat, exposure to the light, or rapid cooling; collections should pay attention to the various types and hardnesses of jewelry maintained individually, keeping them apart and apart from one another; To prevent loss or unintentional damage, jewelry should be taken off and placed into a jewelry box or bag at all times. Because the hardness of various types of jewelry varies, if you randomly place them all in the same jewelry box or drawer, Due to the differences between stones and metals, rubbing them together will cause wear and tear.

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