2022 the most useful tips for protect jewelry in daily life


A. Wearing points

1, jewelry should avoid external impact, pulling.

2, jewelry should avoid contact with acid, alkaline liquid, such as: cosmetics, toiletries, sweat, etc., to avoid corrosion or pollution.

3, different materials of precious metal jewelry should be worn separately.

4, hot springs and seawater contain elements that react chemically with metals, such as sulfur. Spa and swimming in the sea, should avoid wearing jewelry.

Second, storage conditions

1, jewelry should be stored separately to avoid mutual friction.

2, jewelry should be avoided in the hot sun or strong light exposure

Three, maintenance instructions

1、Jewelry needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

2, white K gold jewelry, if the phenomenon of yellowing after a long time wearing, can be re-plated to restore.

3, silver jewelry darkening phenomenon, can be dipped in toothpaste lightly brush the surface, can be restored.

4、Regularly check whether the gemstone of inlaid jewelry has loosened.

To avoid the structure of the jewelry breaking or deforming while wearing it, try to reduce the pull and friction of external forces. Once a month, check your jewelry to see if it has any wear or is loose, and then fix it.

A collection should pay attention to the different types and hardnesses of jewelry preserved individually, keeping them separated and apart from one another; avoid extremes of heat, exposure to light, or quick cooling. Jewelry should always be removed and stored in a jewelry box or bag to prevent loss or unintended damage. If you randomly put all of the different kinds of jewelry in the same jewelry box or drawer, due to the variations in the hardness of the various stones and metals, Wear and tear will be caused by rubbing them together.

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